The Foreign Languages Division (FLD) stands as a beacon of linguistic diversity and cultural enrichment within the university’s academic framework. Dedicated to broadening the linguistic horizons of its students, FLD offers an array of language courses beyond English, including Turkish, German, French, and Greek. This division is not just about learning a new language; it’s about embracing the cultural nuances and global perspectives that come with it. FLD caters to both students who are continuing their departmental education and those seeking to enhance their academic and professional skills through courses in Academic English, Report Writing and Presentation Skills, History of Civilization, and Thesis Writing, among others. By integrating language learning with cultural and academic enrichment, FLD empowers students to become global citizens, equipped with the communication skills and cultural awareness necessary to navigate and contribute to the international community.

In the following some of the courses offered under the FLD are listed:

University General Compulsory Courses

Compulsory Courses
Course Code Course Title
ENG1003 Communication Skills and Academic Reporting 1
ENG1004 Communication Skills and Academic Reporting 2
HST1001 History of Civilization 1
HST1002 History of Civilization 2
TLL1003 Turkish Language & Literature 1
TLL1004 Turkish Language & Literature 2

University General Elective Courses

General Elective Courses
Course Code Course Title
GEP0812 Report Writing & Presentation Skills
GEP0813 Technical Communication
GEP0815 Academic Orientation and Public Speaking
GEP0816 English through Visual Media
GEP0817 Basic German I
GEP0818 Basic German II
GEP0819 Intermediate German I
GEP0820 Intermediate German II
GEP0821 Basic French I
GEP0822 Basic French II
GEP0823 Intermediate French I
GEP0824 Intermediate French II
GEP0825 Basic Russian I
GEP0826 Basic Russian II
GEP0827 Intermediate Russian I
GEP0828 Intermediate Russian II
GEP0829 Basic Greek I
GEP0830 Basic Greek II
GEP0831 Intermediate Greek I
GEP0832 Intermediate Greek II