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The BAU Cyprus Proficiency Test (BCPT) is a key assessment tool utilized by the English Preparatory School (EPS) to gauge the English language proficiency of its students. Specifically designed to align with the rigorous standards of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), the BCPT meticulously evaluates students’ capabilities across the core language skills: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. This comprehensive test serves not only to place students at the appropriate level of English language instruction within EPS but also to determine their readiness to transition into their chosen undergraduate or graduate programs at BAU Cyprus University. By accurately assessing students’ English proficiency, the BCPT ensures that each learner receives the tailored support and education necessary to achieve the B2 CEFR level, a prerequisite for engaging successfully in the English-medium academic environment of the university.


Register to BCPT

The next step in your academic journey involves determining your proficiency in English, which is essential for your success here at BAU Cyprus.

You are required to take the BAU Cyprus Proficiency Test (BCPT), an essential step to assess your English language skills. To register for the exam, please click here

Please note the following critical instructions to ensure you have a seamless testing experience:

  1. Exam Platform: The BCPT will be conducted online. You are required to access the exam through your student portal (ois). It is imperative that you log into your portal at least once before the exam date to familiarize yourself with the interface and avoid any technical issues on the day of the exam.
  2. Identification Requirement: On the day of the exam, you must bring a valid form of identification (passport, ID card, or similar) to the exam center. This is crucial for verifying your identity and ensuring the integrity of the exam process.

Equipment for the Exam: For the listening portion of the test, you are required to bring a classic headphone with a jack plug. This will enable you to complete the listening questions without any disturbances, ensuring a fair and effective assessment for all participants.

Location: The BCPT will take place in rooms A301 and A201, located in Block 1 at 9:00. Please make sure to arrive on time and with all necessary items mentioned above.

We wish you all the best on your BCPT and look forward to supporting you throughout your academic journey at BAU Cyprus.

Good Luck!