Orientation Party Welcomes New Students to Bahcesehir English Preparatory School

Bahcesehir Cyprus University’ English Preparatory School kicked off the new academic year with an exciting orientation party for its incoming students in November 2023. The event, held with great enthusiasm, aimed to introduce the newcomers to the vibrant community and diverse opportunities awaiting them at the school.

Amidst an atmosphere buzzing with excitement, students were warmly welcomed by faculty members, administrators, and their fellow peers. The orientation provided an invaluable opportunity for the fresh faces to familiarize themselves with the school’s facilities, policies, and academic programs.

Interactive and engaging activities were organized to facilitate ice-breaking and foster friendships among the students. From team-building exercises to interactive roleplay games, the event encouraged collaboration, communication, and a sense of belonging among the attendees.

Exciting Sightseeing Trip to Lefke Region for Bahcesehir Cyprus University's English Preparatory School Students

Bahcesehir Cyprus University’s English Preparatory School organized a thrilling sightseeing trip to the picturesque Lefke region. Accompanied by instructors, students enjoyed games, a beachside lunch, and an unforgettable experience picking strawberries at the vibrant fields. The excursion fostered camaraderie and provided students with memorable moments of exploration and adventure.

Exciting Projects Engage Students at BAU Cyprus Foreign Languages and English Preparatory School

In an effort to enhance student engagement and foster a deeper understanding of campus life, the English Preparatory Division at BAU Cyprus University initiated a series of term projects and a Campus Involvement Project (CIP) for the Fall 2023-2024 semester.

Under the guidance of their instructors, students from A2 and B1 groups embarked on a unique journey of exploration and learning. Their tasks involved interviewing both fellow students and faculty members about their daily routines and educational experiences at BAU Cyprus University. Additionally, they shared their own experiences and insights gained throughout their English learning journey with students across different faculties.

These projects not only encouraged active participation but also promoted cross-disciplinary interactions and a deeper sense of community within the university. By exchanging perspectives and experiences, students not only enhanced their English language skills but also gained valuable insights into the diverse academic and cultural landscape of BAU Cyprus University.

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