Values, Aims and Learning Outcomes

English Preparatory School’s Values

The core values at EPS are as follows:

  • Equality and respect to diversity
  • Commitment to professionalism
  • Respect the ethical values and social responsibility
  • Team-work and mutual understanding
  • Learner-centered pedagogy

General Aims

  • Our principal aim is to bring students’ English language knowledge and skills to a level, which will enable them to be successful in their chosen faculty and to interact within an international setting.
  • It is our goal to prepare our students to succeed in the global environment. We aim to promote the benefits of plurilingualism and multi-culturalism in language learning.

Learning Outcomes concerning General Aims

  • To monitor and evaluate established and new approaches in the classroom.
  • To get students actively involved in their learning by using self-assessment.
  • To increase student investment in the learning processes both in and out of the classroom.
  • To design course content and ensure that course delivery caters to all learning styles.
  • To keep the level of the language being taught relevant to the student’s level and needs.